Saturday, 20 September 2008

Electric Scooter!

Finally, I got my electric scooter yesterday. I'm stoked...

I went for a ride in the little mountain roads this morning and I my brain was on overdrive, jumping from one thought to another:
  • This is so peaceful: Beautiful small country roads. Completely quiet. The sun shining. The wind blowing on my face.
  • It's so smooth: No vibration from a loud internal combustion engine. Only the irregularities of the roads, dampened by the suspension system.
  • It's beautiful physics: The lack of engine compression yields very low friction. Slowing down from 50km/hr takes forever. It's Newton's First law [1] at its best. Then going down a hill and picking up a lot of speed, and using it to climb the next up-hill. It's conservation of mechanical energy the way roller coasters know how to use so well.
  • It's clean. At least it feels clean. It makes me wonder where the electricity that was used to recharge it comes from. And then, at the top of a hill, I see two wind turbines...
  • It's the future. We're not there yet. But it's definitely the way to go. Clean energy, and clean transportation systems. We need to keep going in that direction...
I drove near two wind turbines. Imagine if this
picture was the norm instead of the exception.

I also made a little video [2] to show how quiet it is. As I drive towards the main road, notice how you can year the cars pass by in the distance over the quiet hum of the scooter...

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  2. Patrick Truchon: EVT-4000e ride,

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