Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A little FOSS fun...

Asleep on A Sunbeam with Audacity. Click on picture to enlarge.

Yesterday I spent a few hours messing around with my guitar and recorded this: <090127_AsleepOnASunbeam.ogg>.

I used Audacity [1], a Free and Open Source Software, to record; and although it's pretty easy to use, it's very powerful. What's also really cool about Audacity is that it runs on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and GNU/Linux. So projects created with Audacity can be edited on any computers... Unfortunately, I didn't have an external microphone so I recorded all five tracks with my laptop internal mic, which makes for pretty crappy sound. If you look at the Audacity screenshot while listening to the recording, you can kind of see where the tracks start and end.

After adjusting the volumes a little this morning, I exported the whole thing to an ogg file [2]: a Free and Open Source media file format. You'll need to download a special codec to play the song, but it's pretty easy to do [3].

In case you're curious to hear what the original sounds like:


Let me know what you think...


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