Saturday, 9 January 2010

Trouble Shooting Problem...

Ever since I moved to my new place (months ago), I've been having "Internet problems" at home. Basically my Ubuntu 9.10 Laptop has problems loading pages (and downloading content) from certain sites (Facebook, Slashdot, Paypal, TED, Quirks and Quarks, to name a few), but not from others.

I tested a few basic hypotheses (the problem is my laptop or the problem is my home connection) but I'm now at a lost of what to try next. Here are the results of my three tests:
  • When I take my Ubuntu laptop somewhere else (at school, in coffee shops, etc), I don't have any problems.
  • When I use my MacBook on the same Internet connection, I don't have this problem. All pages and files download quickly.
  • My EeePC (running gNewSense) has the same problems as my Ubuntu 9.10 Laptop.
So my problem seems to be the combination of my GNU/Linux computers on my home connection?! Any ideas what to try next?

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