Monday, 6 February 1978

If you haven't heard from me in a while

For those of you who haven't heard from me in a while, here's a brief synopsis so you can put this blog in context.

When I finished high school at the "Polyvalente des Baies" in 1995, I decided to move to British-Columbia for a year so that I could learn English. After that year, however, I decided to come back to Vancouver with the goal of going to university here. That took me a while...

After a few years of focusing on learning English, a year of learning American Sign Language, a year working back in Quebec, two years of college and five years of University, I finally got my BSc. in Physics (with a minor in Philosophy) and a certificate in Education in May of 2006.

Right after finishing university, I flew to Taiwan for the summer to travel a little. To extend my visa and make a little bit of money, I found a part time job teaching English. At the end of the summer, I found a position teaching math and physics in an international school in Hsinchu, where I have now since then.

I started this blog a few days before flying to Taiwan to send news to family and friends. But after almost two years, I was starting to feel a little "exposed", having all of these stories about me online. So I decided to only keep the most recent posts, and take the old ones off the web. What can you say, I'm a bit shy with strangers...

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